Bunions - Foot Problems and Treatments

What to Do if You’re Suffering from Bunions

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Bunions - Foot Problems and TreatmentsLet’s take some time to talk with Dr. Lasday, director of West Coast Podiatry Center, about a common, but bothersome foot problem, bunions.

What are bunions?

Dr. Lasday: A bunion is an abnormal bony prominence (a bump) on the joint where your big toe meets the main bones of your foot.

What causes bunions?

Dr. Lasday: Bunions can occur for a variety of reasons. Bunions can  occur due to an inherited structural defect or stress on your foot or from arthritis. One of the most common aggravating factors is wearing shoes that fit too tightly.

What are the treatment options?

Dr. Lasday: Treatment of course depends upon the severity of the bunion. Some bunions are not painful and do not pose a problem for the patient. These can be left alone. If a patient is in pain due to a bunion, nonsurgical treatment options include changing shoes, taping or padding the foot to help relieve pain and stress, pain medication and cortisone injections, and shoe inserts that help distribute pressure evenly when you move your feet.

If nonsurgical options do no provide consistent relief and the patient remains in pain, surgery may be required.

Are there ways to prevent them?

Dr. Lasday: One of the best ways to prevent bunions is to wear comfortable shoes that fit well.  Make sure the shoes don’t cramp your toes or squeeze them together abnormally.  Your shoes should have a wide toe box which gives your toes plenty of room to move.  But really orthotics, or custom molded insoles can stabilize the feet to prevent the abnormal biomechanics that can lead to bunions.  Otherwise, bunions, once they occur, are primarily dealt with surgically.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a bunion, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Lasday right away for a thorough and professional evaluation, either in his Bradenton Podiatry office or Sarasota Podiatry office.