Relief for Chronic Pain Without Drugs?

Relieve Your Chronic Pain Without Drugs Using Quell

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Foot Pain

Have you ever experienced non-stop pain that doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, some estimates say that as many as 100 million Americans deal with chronic pain.

Several months ago, I got into a situation with my back that resulted in some seriously unbearable pain. It was a very inconvenient time for me to be laid up in bed (isn’t it always?), so I did what I could to keep going. I hobbled around the office. I walked with a cane.

Some of the things that I did helped a bit. But pain became a constant companion… interrupting my life, my thoughts, my work, and my relationships.

Ultimately, I opted for surgery. In the end, the surgery didn’t get very far because my surgeon discovered that my particular case was one that wasn’t going to be helped much—at least not surgically.

Pain medication is something that is great in the short term for pain that’s going to go away anyway because your body is healing or because you’re recovering from something.

But for chronic pain… well that’s a different story.

Chances are really good that you know someone (or at least know of someone) who has become addicted to prescription pain medications. It’s affecting huge numbers of people. If you’re like me, you probably will do whatever you can to avoid that slippery slope as long as possible.

That’s when I discovered Quell.

Enter Quell: Wearable Pain Relief

How can Quell help you get relief from pain without drugs?

Quell involves a high-tech device that you strap to your calf. It’s comfortable… after a while you won’t even notice that you’re wearing it.

While strapped to your calf, Quell will automatically stimulate nerves in your calf. These nerves, in turn, send signals to your brain. Your brain then turns on a pain-blocking response that affects your entire nervous system.

In other words, Quell triggers an all natural pain relief process that your body already has.

Since there are no drugs involved, you don’t have to worry about:

  • impairment
  • concerns about addiction, or
  • any of the other side affects that can accompany usage of narcotics

Instead, because your chronic pain is reduced, your body can begin to relax. In fact:

  • your physiological stress levels can be reduced
  • you can sleep better (and perhaps longer) at night because you aren’t being interrupted by pain, and
  • because you’re resting more effectively, your body’s other natural healing mechanisms have a better chance to work

It’s easy to use and comes with a neat smartphone app that tracks how your Quell is working and even how it is affecting your sleep.

Learn more about Quell here.

We’re Proud to Offer Quell

Because my own results using Quell have been so dramatic, I was thrilled to see to it that West Coast Podiatry Center is an area leader in providing Quell to our patients to help relieve chronic pain.

Questions? Contact us today: in Sarasota, call (941) 366-2627 and in Bradenton, call (941) 753-9599. Schedule an appointment to see me or one of my fellow physicians to find out if Quell is a good option to help you get relief from your chronic pain.