Podiatry Weblinks

At West Coast Podiatry Center, we not only want to provide our patients with the highest possible quality of care when treating their foot and ankle needs, but also keep them as informed as possible about the latest advances in foot care. So, below we have highlighted some additional websites that we consider to be trusted sources of information relating to foot and ankle care.

  • American Podiatric Medical Association – The APMA is an organization representing the vast majority of the podiatrists practicing in the United States and is considered a leading resource for foot and ankle health information.
  • American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery – The ABFAS is a specialty board whose goal is to protect and improve the health and welfare of the public by the advancement of the art and science of podiatric surgery.
  • American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine – The ABPOPPM offers a comprehensive board qualification and certification process in podiatric medicine and orthopedics. Board certification provides the assurance to both the public and health professionals that the highest level of achievement has been attained in the specialty area—a step well beyond the mandatory education of the podiatrist or state requirements for licensure.
  • American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons – The ACFAS is a professional society of over 6,000 foot and ankle surgeons which strives to promote the art and science of foot, ankle, and related lower extremity surgery.
  • American Academy of Wound Management – The purpose of the AAWM is to establish and administer a certification process to elevate the standard of care across the continuum of wound management. The Academy is dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach in promoting prevention, care and treatment of acute and chronic wounds.
  • American Association For Women Podiatrists – The AAWP provides leadership in the advancement of the educational, political, financial, social, and emotional well-being of its members in cooperation with other practitioners, the colleges, businesses, groups and other individuals.