Yankee’s Pitcher Joba Chamberlain Faces Another Injury

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Joba Chamberlain InjuryRumors have been circulating and Yankee’s Pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, set the record straight in Tampa, FL a few weeks ago. Chamberlain reported that while at a trampoline play facility with his son he severely injured his ankle.  While jumping from one area to another, Chamberlain stated, “I jumped and I felt something go.”

The something that “went” is an injury known as open dislocation of the subtalar joint. This is a rather rare injury accounting for only 1-2 % of joint dislocations.   The talus is the bone between the ankle and the foot.  The ankle joint is just above the talus bone, and the subtalar joint is just below the talus bone.  The ankle only moves up and down, and the subtalar joint only moves left and right so to speak.  It inverts and everts.  When you move your “ankle” in a circle, you actually are using both the ankle and the subtalar joint.

Subtalar Joint

Picture of Subtalar Joint

The subtalar joint dislocates, by tearing ligaments that hold bones to other bones.  The bone doesn’t break, it moves out of the joint, and all the tissues around it break, or tear.  An open dislocation means that the talus broke out through the skin, which brings a high risk for infection.

This takes 12 weeks to heal from, and there is a high incidence of arthritis in the joint after it heals.

On top of all this, he is still recovering from Tommy John surgery he underwent on his elbow last June.

Even though he didn’t break a bone, this is a tough break for Chamberlain.

So the question: Will he be back on the pitcher’s mound this year? We’ll just have to wait and see how his recovery goes.

I asked my partner, Dr. Rob Goecker what he thought.  Dr Goecker is a former NCAA pitcher, and he added that if this was his push off foot, Chamberlain could be in trouble.

Chamberlain himself remains optimistic about his recovery and rehab and is trying to put a good spin on this latest injury.  Chamberlain remarked in his interview with reporters, “It’s gonna give me more time to rehab….and my arm’s gonna continue to get stronger. I’m gonna get stronger physically and mentally.”

I wish him all the best and hope to see him on the pitching mound soon.

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Photos courtesy of Keith Allison and Beth ohara.