Why are Women’s Feet Colder than Men’s?

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Why are women's feet colder than men's?We’ve all wondered about it, lost sleep over it, and probably have had a few arguments about it…but now it’s time to get to the bottom of this age-old question: Why ARE women’s feet colder than men’s? (maybe I’m being a little dramatic here…)

Let’s look at a few possible reasons why…


Blame it on circulation! The nerves that control blood flow to the hands and feet are more sensitive in women than in men. So when the temperature drops, their vessels constrict more, blood flow slows, and the feet feel cold!

Lower Blood Pressure

Women tend to have lower blood pressure than men.  And when they’re cold or stressed, their blood pressure drops, and blood is redirected to the heart and away from the feet.


I would like to broach this subject a little delicately, um, actually a lot delicately. I’m not saying women have more “insulation” than men, but they do have more evenly distributed fat layers which provides better internal insulation.  Whew…did that come out right? This internal insulation does a great job of protecting core organs and trunk, but it means less blood flows to the hands and feet. Make sense?

So there you have it! If you ever need to keep the conversation going at a dinner party, pull out these few interesting facts and “wow” the dinner guests with your vast knowledge. 😉

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