Foot Problems: Black Toenails

Why Are My Toenails Black?

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Foot Problems: Black ToenailsBlack toenail polish may be cool, but black toenails are not! No matter what you color you ‘paint’ your toenails, their natural color should be pink! But sometimes toenails turn black…here are a few reasons why!

Why Are My Toenails Black?

Good question! Black toenails can result from a variety of things. Athletes will often have a problem with their toenails turning dark. This is often known as Runner’s Toe. Darkened nails can occur from the toe hitting the end or the top of the shoe toe area. The darkened nail is essentially a bruised nail, or a subungual hematoma. This doesn’t look very ‘springy’…

Trauma to the toe can also lead to a blackened toe nail as well, such as slamming your toe in a door or a heavy object falling on your toe.

Sometimes, the bruise can lead to an infection. The pressure, which caused the bruising of the nail, can cause a small sore under the toenail, and the sore can become infected.

If you’re a diabetic and experiences changes in the color of your toenails, you should get it checked out immediately as this could cause a much more serious problem for you.

Remember, your natural toenail color should be pink. Any color other than this may indicate a problem!

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