Walking and Podiatry Problems

Walking and Your Feet

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Walking and Podiatry ProblemsI’ve spent some time in this blog talking about running. It seems like a lot of people are into running lately. But I didn’t want to leave the slow-pokes out–walking is exercise too!

In all actuality, walking is an excellent, non-strenuous form of exercise, particularly for those who are just starting to exercise or have medical conditions that prohibit more rigorous forms of exercise.

A regular walking routine has many benefits. Walking helps control your weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. And controlling blood sugar is so critical for diabetics.  And here’s more good news: a brisk walk can burn up to 100 calories per mile or 300 calories per hour…not bad! So go enjoy that grande caramel frappucino from Starbucks…just don’t forget to walk an hour or more!

Walking also improves your cardiovascular fitness and can even aid recovery from many ailments, including heart attack. And did you know, walking can just make you feel better? It promotes endorphin production, your body’s natural tranquilizer. I think you’re getting the picture. Walking is a good thing! So don’t feel bad if you’re not a runner or a jogger…walking counts too!

Buy shoes designed for walking!And remember– it’s best to check with your doctor before you begin any regular exercise routine. And don’t forget proper footwear. It’s critical to have the right shoes when exercising. Purchase shoes designed for walking to support and protect your feet, particularly if you are diabetic.

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