Training Our Doctors in the Latest Surgical Techniques

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Dr Eric VonHerbulis - Wright Medical Group Mobile Surgical Training

Dr Eric VonHerbulis working on some foot & ankle surgery techniques in the Wright Medical Group Mobile Surgical Training Center

The doctors at West Coast Podiatry pride themselves on their commitment to utilizing the latest techniques and products in the care and treatment of their patients. As part of that commitment, they are constantly in a “learning” mode to be sure that they are not only kept apprised of new skills and instruments, but that they also continuously engage in both hands-on and virtual training to assure the level of excellence and quality of care they provide. Keeping up to date on technology and techniques, in addition to the latest pharmaceutical developments, is critical to the very best treatment to the patients who entrust their care to our practice.

Wright Medical GroupOne of the leaders in cutting-edge and innovative instrumentation for foot and ankle surgery, for example, is Wright Medical Group. In addition to the technology, Wright has two customized mobile training centers to take their products and training to surgical conferences and to individual surgeons so the latest techniques can be learned and practiced.

One of these mobile trucks, complete with a cadaver lab, surgical instruments, and training staff, visited West Coast Podiatry recently. Our doctors were able to both learn about and practice a number of different new foot and ankle techniques, including a new method for Total Ankle Replacement (TAR).

Dr. Robert Goecker - Wright Medical Mobile Training

Dr. Robert Goecker working on Total Ankle Replacement in the Wright Medical Group Mobile Surgical Training Center

Many patients suffer from some form of ankle arthritis. While some can be treated with a variety of braces, devices, or oral or injectable medication, at times the arthritic pain can interfere with one’s day-to-day activities. When that occurs, surgical intervention can be necessary. Since the new process allows the surgeon to customize the size, fit and placement of the joint replacement, this new TAR procedure allows for significantly improved post-surgical mobility and flexibility, generally allowing the patient to return to more of his or her daily activities.

With our constant search for and training in the development of the “better mousetrap”, the West Coast Podiatry team continues to provide the ultimate in current treatment techniques to the patients about whom we care so much.