NFL Injuries - Wendell Davis

Top 5 Most Unusual NFL Injuries

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Last week we talked about the most common NFL injuries. I thought we would take a look this week at some of the more ‘unusual’ injuries that have happened in NFL history.

Hold on to your hats, some of these are unfortunately quite amusing. (Source: About.Com Football)

5. Wendell Davis, WR Chicago Bears

Davis, while running deep on a pass in 1993, blew out both knees at the same time when his cleats got caught in a seam in the Astroturf. The ultimately career-ending injury forced him to miss the rest of the ’93 season and all of 1994. He tried to comeback with the Indianapolis Colts the following year, but never it never panned out. Yikes.

4. Chris Hanson, P Jacksonville Jaguars

In 2003, head coack Jack Del Rio used the phrase “Keep Chopping Wood” as a way to motivate his team. He even used a chunk of wood and an axe in the locker room to illustrate this. (Yes, probably not the BEST idea.) One day in the locker room, punter Chris Hanson decided to have a go at the stump with the axe and ended up “chopping” his non-kicking foot which sidelined him the rest of the season. Fortunately, he did fully recover and was able to resume his NFL career. Perhaps a more benign saying like “Keep on Keeping on!” would have sufficed?

3. Turk Edwards, OT Washington Redskins

This injury happened before the game even started! Way back in 1940, Hall of Famer Turk Edwards was out on the field for the traditional coin toss. He spun around to head back to his team’s sideline following the traditional ceremony and blew out a knee when his cleats became entangled with the turf. The injury ended not only his season, but his career as well. Tragic.

2. Bill Gramatica, K Arizona Cardinals

In 2001, rookie kicker Bill Gramatica made a habit of celebrating field goals in an overly-exuberant style. One game he decided to really go for it. Grammatica jumped high in the air to celebrate a kick that put his team in the lead, when he landed awkwardly and tore the ACL in his knee. Game over. His career never fully recovered. After this injury, he returned to kick a couple more seasons for the Cardinals, and then made a few appearances with a couple other clubs over the next few years. You can watch this epic fail here.

1. Gus Frerrotte, QB Washington Redskins

I think Gus takes the cake for the most unusual injury. Mr. Frerrotte, QB for the Washington Redskins, decided to celebrate running in a touchdown from the one yard line with a headbutt.  The only problem was this headbutt was into a padded concrete wall. Uh, yeah. After the headbutt, he dazedly headed back to the sideline. He played a little bit more and then ended up at halftime at the local hospital where he was diagnosed with a sprained neck. No comment. 🙂

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