The Myths of Athlete’s Foot: Part II

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Athlete's Foot

This is a particularly bad case of Athlete’s Foot!

Last week we discussed the first  6 myths surrounding athlete’s foot; here’s the other 6!

Myth 7: Athlete’s foot only affects the feet

Unfortunately, athlete’s foot can spread! It can spread to the groin and underarms most easily.  It can also spread to other parts of your body, through sheets and clothes.

Myth 8: You can’t get athlete’s foot if your feet are covered in shoes and socks all day

The fungus that causes athlete’s foot likes the dark! Wet shoes and socks are the perfect home for this fungus. Your feet are safe inside dry shoes or socks!

Myth 9: Athlete’s foot will clear up on its own

Nope! Without treatment, athlete’s foot will get worse! It can also turn into a more serious infection if you don’t take care of it—this is particularly a problem for diabetics! Antifungal creams and pills are the best treatments for athlete’s foot.

Myth 10: You can stop using medicine as soon as your symptoms clear up

To prevent athlete’s foot from returning, keep using the medicine for the length of time your doctor prescribed.

Myth 11: Once you treat athlete’s foot, it’s gone for good

Nope! It can come back! You have to stay on guard again this fungus among us!

Myth 12: To prevent athlete’s foot, wear socks made of a synthetic material — like nylon

No! Natural fabrics like cotton or wool are much better choices because they “breathe” and draw the moisture away from your feet.

There you have it…the actual facts about athlete’s foot! Hopefully this will help you steer clear of this funky fungus!

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