Bunions on Feet

Options for Bunion Problems

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Foot Pain, Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Let’s face it…bunions are just a pain. They look bad and can be really painful. So what can you do about this deformity of the foot? General Overview A bunion, also called a hallux valgus, is deformity characterized by the lateral deviation of the great toe. Bunions often occur when the joint is stressed over time. Bunions can be inherited …

Bunions - Foot Problems and Treatments

What to Do if You’re Suffering from Bunions

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Let’s take some time to talk with Dr. Lasday, director of West Coast Podiatry Center, about a common, but bothersome foot problem, bunions. What are bunions? Dr. Lasday: A bunion is an abnormal bony prominence (a bump) on the joint where your big toe meets the main bones of your foot. What causes bunions? Dr. Lasday: Bunions can occur for …