Should you bare your soles in the summer?

Savvy Summer Foot Tips

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Should you bare your soles in the summer?

Should you bare your soles in the summer?

It seems summer came early this year to our beautiful West Coast because it’s HOT! Soaring temperatures, increasing humidity, and afternoon thunderstorms all signal the start of summer.

There’s one other tell-tale sign of the summer and that is people are baring their soles everywhere! Yes, it’s barefoot season! Floridians everywhere are ditching their shoes in favor of bare feet or barely there flip-flops.

May I give you a little advice? Don’t ditch your shoes! (Especially if you suffer from diabetes; read more about this here!) While going barefoot occasionally, and I mean occasionally is o.k., it’s best to keep your feet supported and protected even throughout the summer months.

Here are some savvy and easy ways you keep your feet happy and healthy this summer season.

Alternate: Switching shoes is a good practice, particularly in the summer months when feet are more likely to get hot and sweaty.  Obviously, your setting will dictate what shoes you choose, but having a variety of good shoes is helpful in that you can let your shoes air out between wearings. This prevents smelly bacteria from building up, which can lead to other host of other foot problems.

Be Sensible: Yes, you might not want to hear this, but be sensible! Don’t buy the cheap drug store flip-flops on a whim and injure your foot/feet due to lack of suitable protection. If you must wear flip-flops, buy Vionic brand with orthaheel technology. These provide excellent arch support.

 Get a Pedicure: Proper foot hygiene is essential for foot health, especially after your feet have been collecting calluses all winter. Get a proper pedicure and get your feet summer ready. Remember,the  best practice is to bring your own pedicure tools to the salon thereby avoiding catching any infections of funguses from improperly sterilized tools.

Treat Cracked Heels: Attend to dry, untreated cracked heels so they do not lead to more serious issues like an infection. Treat them with an exfoliating moisturizer every day and gently run a pumice stone over them in one direction — going back and forth can actually make the split skin worse! Dry cracked heels can also be a sign of a fungus, psoriasis, thyroid issues and or even diabetes. If your heels are not clearing up, see your podiatrist for further evaluation.

Inspect Your Feet: If you must go barefoot, use wisdom! Know where your walking and be sure to inspect your feet afterward for any sings of cuts, scrapes, or bruises. This is especially important if you suffer from diabetes, because a simple cut can lead to a serious, if not life-threatening condition.

Have a safe and happy summer!

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