How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The Holidays can lead to over-indulgence!

The holidays are upon us!

Raise your hand if your calendar is already full of fun activities…

Raise your hand if most of those activities are centered around EATING!’s true! Food temptations will be out in full force this month. From fattening entrees to sugary desserts, and everything in between, you will be calling upon your willpower more this month (or maybe just checking it at every holiday door) more than any other month of the year!

You might be thinking to yourself, “Oh well, what’s 10 extra pounds?” Think again! Even as few as 10 extra pounds can lead to added stress for your feet including plantar fasciitis, gout, and arch problems. Is another piece of fruit cake worth that? Not really!

Here are a few ways to help you avoid those dreaded holiday pounds…

How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

1. Never Arrive Hungry

Never ever go to a party hungry. Drink some water and eat an apple before you go. You’ll be surprised how far that goes.

2. Shift Your Attention

Focus your attention on other things at the party beside food. Talk to someone new, dance, do something instead of just gorging on all the holiday goodies.

3. Pace Yourself

Try to take time and enjoy the food. Put your fork down between bites and actually enjoy the bite of food in your mouth!

4. Limit Alcohol

Avoid drinking too much alcohol at holiday parties. This helps you avoid unnecessary calories and helps you make better choices in the long run! If you drink too much, your judgement slips and you could end up over-eating and who knows what else!

5. Be Picky

When it comes to dessert, be very selective. Go for the dessert you really want and that will bring you the most satisfaction! Choose a small serving and ENJOY IT!

Hopefully these simple tips will come in handy this month.  Happy Holidays!

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