Giants vs. Patriots: Which Team has Healthier Feet?

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Foot Care, Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

It's time for football!O.K. –can you stand to hear more about football this week? Indulge me a little, please. I am an ardent Steelers fan and I’m still mourning their loss to Denver and the mighty Tebow. I’ve thrown in the terrible towel…well, not really. I will not lose hope. My Steelers shirt and towel are packed away neatly until next season. My Steelers shall rise again.

Now–all eyes are fixed on the New England Patriots and New York Giants as they gear up to face off in Super Bowl XLVI. It should be a pretty good match-up, although I think the Patriots have the advantage. We’ll see if the New York Giants will be able to harness the nimble Brady and his offensive weapons. Brady seemed a bit daunted in the game against Baltimore, but nonetheless, they won. And now, Brady is vying for his fourth Super Bowl win in a decade and possibly claiming the title of the best ever quarterback. Geez, where’s my terrible towel? I need to wipe the tears from my eyes. The only redeeming thought about this is if Brady actually gets the coveted fourth super bowl ring, he will join the esteemed company of Terry Bradshaw, former STEELERS QB, who also has 4 Super Bowl rings. Did I mention Terry Bradshaw was a former Steelers player?

And let me say this since I’m on such roll, I believe the Steelers would have been in the Super Bowl had it not been for the massive ankle injuryBig Ben” sustained during the season. I will now step down from my Steelers soap box.

However, let’s look at this from maybe a slightly different angle, a podiatric angle. Last week for the conference championships, the following foot or ankle injuries were reported on NFL injury reports. The Giants had 4 foot and ankle injuries and the Patriots had 3 foot and ankle injuries. And let’s not forget Eli Manning’s old plantar fasciitis injury…hope that doesn’t rear it’s ugly head again. So, based on the health of their feet, it looks like the Patriots still have the advantage. <sigh>

I doubt my podiatric predicitons will catch on and become a national trend, however, I hope you enjoyed hearing about football this week from a slightly different perspective.

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