Foot Surgery for Cher!

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Cher to have Foot Surgery

One would expect iconic singer Cher to need foot surgery after years of wearing outrageous stilettos, but it’s actually due to an accident that happened in her studio years ago. (And maybe the outrageous shoes!)

Cher recently shared on twitter that she is ready to finally fix her foot that was injured 16 years ago when a piece of equipment fell off the wall of her studio and “crushed” her foot leading to a compound fracture.

She admit she has pain every time she wears high heels, but hopes the surgery will alleviate it. She stated that she will have to hold off on wearing heels again until Christmas after the surgery.

“Last night, was last night to wear heels till after operation…so…I bit the bullet and wore them…Heaven and pain, but worth it…six weeks till I’m running around on stilettos!” Cher tweeted.

Hmm…running around on stilettos? Just a word of advice to Cher: How about laying off the high heels altogether and giving her feet a break? Or… if she feels she has to wear heels,  how about a heel no higher than 2 inches? Her feet (and body) will thank her!

We know Cher is no stranger to surgery (ahem), nonetheless we wish her the best of luck and hope she is out of pain soon! 🙂

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Source: Yahoo News