Foot Care Tips for the Athlete!

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Foot care for athletes

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl!

It’s play-off time for the NFL! Teams are duking it out on the field, vying for a coveted spot in the game of all games—the Super Bowl!

I often wonder if any foot and ankle injuries affect the  games. For example, did Marshawn Lynch’s foot ailment (running back for the Seattle Seahawks) affect the game against the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday? Maybe…not likely though.

It was an awesome game. The Falcons were ready to lose this game after blowing a 20 point lead in the 4th quarter against the Seahawks.

But…in the last 8 seconds and down by one point, Falcon kicker, Matt Bryant, landed a beautiful 49 yard field goal…alas, I’m getting distracted…back to podiatry.

Athletes need to take special care of their feet and body to ensure optimal physical condition on the field and off. Athletes can experience a wide variety of injuries ranging from something as minor as a blister to a more serious injury like the Lisfranc injury.

Several factors can contribute to the likelihood of experiencing an injury: running style, poor footwear, lack of proper conditioning, and even minor limb length differences.

So, whether you play for the best football team in history (Go Steelers!) or just enjoy shooting some hoops with the boys on the weekend, here are a few things you can do take care of your feet and help prevent injury.

Tips for Athletic Foot Care:

  • Always use the correct shoe for each sport and surface.
  • Get in shape. Being overweight or out of shape places added stress on the feet. Condition yourself gradually with stretching exercises for 15-20 minutes before starting and after any activity (“warm-up” and “warm-down”).
  • Wear correct shoes. Footwear should be given the same consideration as any other piece of sporting equipment. Sports shoes should protect as much as possible, be durable, and should be right for the sport and surface. If running, the shoe should have adequate cushioning in the mid-sole and a flared heel for stability.

Hope these tips help get you ready for your next game!

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Photo courtesy of BrokenSphere.