Dr. Goecker was Wonderful | West Coast Podiatry

Dr. Goecker was Wonderful

When I came to Dr. Robert Goecker with my problem I had suffered the pain for 2 years. I was referred to him and I was glad to hear someone say that they could fix my problem. I was impressed with this bright smile and positive attitude. He explained everything and I was able to have the surgery to repair my heel spur torn achilles tendon, and in 90 days was able to return to work and have a pain free walk.

Dr. Goecker and the staff are all friendly cheerful and helpful. Dr. Goecker even suggested that I get a knee walker to make it easier to get around which was a big help, for this I am grateful.

I have referred people that I work with to him because they have problems. I want to say Thank You. Respect was shown to me and my husband and for this I am Sincerely Grateful. ~ Myrtle C