Diabetes Research Looks Promising

Diabetes Research Yields Exciting Results

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Breakthrough

Infographic Source: Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

The Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) in Miami, FL has shared some exciting news for diabetics everywhere. It announced in September that the first patient in its clinical trial for a new transplant technique for insulin-producing cells has been free from insulin injections in record time.

This transplant technique includes the implantation of islet cells—cells that help regulate blood sugar within a biological scaffold. (A biological scaffold act as template for tissue regeneration by taking cells from the body and combining them with highly porous biomaterials…really cool science stuff!)

Previous research included injecting islet cells into the liver, but it proved to be less than an ideal site due to inflammation and other factors. The new site of injection is the omentum, the inside lining of the abdomen. (See the above infographic for more details.) So far, results are promising from this new trial…

Dr. Camillo Ricordi, director of the DRI, shared,

“The first subject in our Phase I/II pilot BioHub trial is now completely off insulin with an excellent glucose profile. These are the best post-transplant results we’ve seen in an islet recipient…If these results can be confirmed, this can be the beginning of a new era in islet transplantation. Our ultimate goal is to include additional technologies to prevent the need for life-long anti-rejection therapy.”

This research is leading toward a bioengineered mini-organ that mimics the pancreas to reestablish natural insulin production in people with type 1 diabetes called the DRI BioHub.

This mini-organ contains real insulin-producing cells that can sense blood sugar and release the accurate amount of insulin needed — in real time.  This brings the hope of living a normal life to type 1 diabetics.

Undoubtedly, this is encouraging news for individuals suffering from type 1 diabetes. Anyone who has diabetes can attest to the fact that managing it properly requires diligence and patience. If not managed properly, diabetes can significantly reduce the quality of your life due to health complications as well as shorten your overall life span. You need to pay attention to your body when you are managing diabetes. We continue to remind our diabetic podiatric patients one of the best things they can do for their health is to keep their blood sugar within normal levels consistently. It may be a challenge to do so, but it is worth it!

We’ll continue to bring you exciting updates in diabetes research; we look forward to the day when this horrible disease is eradicated!

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