What Does This Tattoo Mean for Diabetes Patients?

Diabetes and Tattoos

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Diabetes and Tattoos

photo credit: Jacobs School of Engineering/UC San Diego

What in the world do these two words have in common? Thanks to inventive nano-engineers, more than you might imagine!

Diabetics have the critical task of monitoring their blood sugar levels throughout the day. Without this practice, their life is in jeopardy. The finger prick method of testing has been the standard for this practice. Unfortunately, many patients find this method painful and end up not doing it consistently. I see many diabetic patients in my office with serious foot issues because they have not been closely monitoring their blood sugar.

Good news is on the horizon for those with sore fingers. Diabetics may soon have a new noninvasive method for blood sugar monitoring: a temporary tattoo on the forearm!

Nano-engineers at the University of California, San Diego have created a thin, flexible sensor that can be directly printed on temporary tattoo paper and applied to the skin to monitor blood sugar levels. This ingenious prototype contains electrodes that measure glucose molecules in the fluid of the skin. Patients will love that no finger prick is required! Another bonus is that the adhesive used on that tattoo is biodegradable.

Although this tattoo based technique has shown promise in field trials with the current prototype, the tattoo has to be peeled off in order to measure glucose levels. Engineers hope to design a model that can display numeric glucose levels right on the tattoo without it being peeled off.

This is exciting news  for diabetics everywhere! If brought to mass market, this tattoo and future models could empower patients to monitor their blood sugar painlessly and nearly effortlessly. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best way diabetics can improve the health of their feet and their health, in general, is to closely monitor and keep their blood sugar level within a healthy range.

This is certainly worth keeping an eye on…

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Source: www.iflscience.com