Derek Jeter Fractures Left Ankle

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Foot Care, Foot Pain, Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Yankees' Captain Derek Jeter Injures AnkleDerek Jeter, the iconic shortstop and team captain of the New York Yankees, fractured his left ankle in the 12th inning of Game 1 of the AL Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers when he made a diving stop on a grounder to the left of second base. It was a demoralizing blow to the already struggling Yankees. It looks like Jeter will be out for several months as he recovers.

This is not the first injury for Jeter’s ankle; it has taken a beating! It has been plagued by problems including a bone bruise. Latest news reports suggest he will have to undergo surgery for the fracture. It is not known whether there is ligament damage.

The ankle surgery will depend on the nature and severity of the injury.  Very often precision plates and screws can restore an ankle to normal strength and performance.  I’m sure he will be in excellent hands and receive a good outcome from surgery. Hopefully he’ll be strong enough to resume spring training in the new year. He’ll need to rest, recover, and regain strength in order to be back on the field in tip-top shape.  In fact, in some cases it is almost better to get a clean break that can be anatomically repaired, then to tear an ankle ligament.  Ankle ligament tears and sprains can take longer to heal.

In a previous post, I talked about the standard protocol for a sprained ankle. It’s worth repeating here. Just remember “RICE”…

  • Rest:  Rest is extremely important the first few days after a sprained ankle, but total inactivity can lead to stiffness.
  • Ice: (cold compresses) Use cold compresses and apply it to the injured ankle. Do not apply for more than a few minutes at a time.
  • Compression : For example using a bandage to apply compression to injured ankle which speeds healing process and provides support.
  • Elevation:  Elevate your leg up on the sofa or a stool.

Looks like Derek Jeter will be elevating that ankle for a while. Good luck to him as he recovers!

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