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Compression Socks: Simple Way to Improve Circulation In Diabetics

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Sarasota Podiatry: Compression SocksDiabetics need to be constantly vigilant about their health.  Diabetes left unchecked and unmonitored ravages the body and can lead to premature death. And diabetics need to pay particular attention to their feet. Decreased circulation and sensation make a diabetic’s feet extremely vulnerable to problems.

A simple way to aid circulation in a diabetic’s foot is through compression socks. The concept is simple. Imagine a water balloon–as the balloon is filled with water, the balloon stretches (like swelling forces the skin to stretch).  The pressure inside the balloon increases, and as water is let out the pressure decreases and the balloon returns to normal. In a similar fashion, the pressure inside the leg increases as swelling continues and this can put undue pressure on the nerves, which can cause pain.

If a patient has a wound or open sore on the leg, this wound will get larger with the swelling of the leg, much a like a circle drawn on a balloon will get larger as the balloon stretches, and smaller as the balloon shrinks. Compression on the leg is therefore critical to healing wounds on the leg that are caused by swelling.  The exception to this rule is any wound that is caused by poor circulation.

So in summary, compression socks help prevent swelling in the feet, as well as the formation of varicose veins. Without the compression, edema and stretching of the skin could happen, and sometimes the skin tears, which can leave an ulceration that is prone to infection.

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