Can Dogs Cure Athlete’s Foot?

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Can Dogs Cure Athlete's Foot?

Just say “NO” to your dogs licking your Athlete’s Foot!

O.K. it’s time to do some myth-busting today! There seems to be a preponderance of myths surrounding the common condition known as athlete’s foot (tinea pedis).

I’ve addressed this before, but it’s time to address another misconception floating around out there.

Some people have claimed that their dogs can cure this itchy fungus. How you ask? By licking the infected areas! Yes, you read that correctly. People let their dogs lick their feet and other infected areas in order to cure athlete’s foot.

This is a really bad idea. While dog saliva does have some antifungal properties, it is NOT a good idea for your pet to lick away your athlete’s foot! Your beloved furry baby also carries bacteria in his mouth, which could be a problem if  you have open sores or cracked skin because the bacteria could get in there and make it worse! And, you can transmit bacteria back to them. Just say no to doggy cures!

If you think you have athlete’s foot, go see a podiatrist and get a thorough evaluation and forego Fido licking your tootsies! You’ll be better for it, and so will your beloved pet!

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