Cam Newton Undergoes Ankle Surgery

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Cam Newton Had Ankle SurgeryCarolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had minor ankle ligament tightening surgery this week to alleviate ankle instability. We perform this surgery here at the West Coast Podiatry Center.

Ankle instability occurs when the ligaments of the ankle are no longer able to keep the ankle steady with the foot. With this condition, the ankle “gives out” or rolls. This instability can occur after an ankle has been repeatedly injured. Athletes, like Cam Newton, are susceptible to this condition. 

Ankle instability is diagnosed via a physical assessment for mechanical instability and through the use of  x-rays.

The most common ankle instability surgery involves an uncomplicated procedure to tighten these loose or nonfunctional ligaments.  We remove a section of a ligament if they are too long and stretched out. In some cases ligament alternatives and/or stem cell augmentation can be used.

Cam is probably looking at about a 4 month recovery period. We’re sure he’s in great hands…good luck, Cam!

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Photo Credit: Auburn University. By Dennis J. Freeman.