Gender May Influence Injury Risk

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It seems that differences in gender may lead to a greater risk of physical injury, especially for women. “Females are 2-8 times more likely to rupture their ACLs compared to their male counterparts (in sports of comparable intensity),” says Adam Bryant, Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne’s Department of Physiotherapy. Preventing running injuries involves wearing properly fitting shoes and …

How to Prevent Running Injuries

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Overtraining and overusing the feet are the main causes of common running injuries. A number of these common injuries are caused by overrunning. Runner’s knee is a condition that is characterized by the back of the kneecap beginning to wear away and cause pain in the knee. This frequently occurs due to either a decrease in strength in the quadriceps …


Jacob Maxwell Undergoes Foot Surgery

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Wisconsin’s starting right tackle, Jacob Maxwell, recently admitted that he suffered an injury in his left foot. He revealed that he underwent surgery to repair a stress fracture in his foot. Maxwell wasn’t cleared for workouts until three weeks prior to camp. He states that this was a setback, however he is continuing to get stronger and better again. Foot …

Foot Surgery

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In most cases, foot surgery is often chosen as the last-available option for conditions that have otherwise been unsuccessfully treated. Surgery may be necessary for several reasons, including the removal of foot deformities (e.g. bone spurs or bunions), arthritis problems, reconstruction due to injury, and congenital malformations (e.g. club foot or flat feet). Regardless of one’s age, foot surgery may …


High Heels May Negatively Impact Foot Health

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A study published by the Journal of Applied Physiology has determined that long-term high heel use can have detrimental effects on the legs’ muscles, such as muscle strain and muscle fatigue. According to the study’s abstract, long-term high heel use has been found to “shorten medial gastrocnemius muscle fascicles and increase Achilles tendon stiffness.” The study’s results are consistent with …

Effect of High-Heels on the Feet

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For hundreds of years, women have been wearing various kinds of high-heels for aesthetic reasons. Women who wear high-heels appear to be taller and have longer and thinner legs, and the wearer’s gait and posture changes. Though high-heels have had an association with femininity and have kept them popular over the years, there are definite health problems caused by wearing …


What Are Plantar Warts?

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Plantar warts develop on the bottom of our feet as round growths on the skin, described as brown dots. Warts are caused by the papillomavirus and usually go away on their own, typically not requiring any treatment. Avoid picking at the wart to prevent infection. A potential option for treating your wart is covering it up with tape, as “warts …

All About Plantar Warts

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Plantar warts are warts that are only found on the feet, hence the term “plantar”, which means “relating to the foot.” They are caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV, and occur when this virus gets into open wounds on the feet. The warts themselves are hard bumps on the foot.They are easily recognizable, mostly found on the heels or …

How to Prep for DIY Pedicures

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Pedicures are very important when it comes to maintaining healthy feet. Prior to giving yourself a pedicure, you should soak your feet in hot water with bath salts or oils. Soaking your feet will help soften calluses and remove any unwanted particles from your skin. The next step in your DIY pedicure is to trim your toenails. Trimming your toenails …

Every Day Foot Care

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  Our feet are important in our everyday lives. The problem is that we tend to neglect them. When this becomes a habit, it can cause significant trouble. Ignoring foot problems can mean pain, limited mobility, and expensive doctor’s visits. On the other hand, if feet are cared for and looked after regularly, they will perform without pain or complication. …