Lisfranc Injury / Lisfranc fracture

Are Lisfranc Injuries on the Rise in the NFL?

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Lisfranc Injury / Lisfranc fractureThe Lisfranc injury, also known as the Lisfranc fracture, Lisfranc dislocation, Lisfranc fracture dislocation, tarsometatarsal injury, or simply midfoot injury, is an injury of the foot in which one or all of the metatarsal bones are displaced from the tarsus. Yeah…it hurts.

The unique name comes from the French surgeon, Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin, who first described the injury in 1815, after the War of the Sixth Coalition…a little history never hurts.

Direct Lisfranc injuries are usually caused by a crush injury, such as when a heavy object falls on the middle of the foot or when the foot is run over by a car or truck.

Other Lisfranc injuries occur by a sudden rotational force on a downward pointing forefoot, like when a person falls forward after accidentally stepping into a storm drain or if you play football and a big linebacker falls on your flexed foot…ouch.

It seems like these unusual injuries have popped up more in the last month in the NFL than ever before.

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes is on injured reserve with a Lisfranc injury. Runner Cedric Benson suffered the same issue as did Carolina center Ryan Kalil. And now Maurice Jones-Drew from Jacksonville. What is going on?

Total coincidence? Probably…but there is a belief out there that we are seeing the consequences of a faster game with bigger and speedier players than ever before in the NFL. And they are doing things the body wasn’t quite designed to do. Maybe the need better footwear with better support.

Bottom line: You don’t want a Lisfranc injury no matter what you do. Severe Lisfranc injuries can, if not properly treated, lead to chronic pain and loss of function.

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