5 Great Foods for Your Bones!

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

5 Great Food for Bone Health!

Certain foods will make your skeleton happy!

As May draws to a close, so does National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month, but this doesn’t mean you can forget about your bone health until next May! Keeping your bones healthy and strong should be a year-round goal.

One of the ways to keep your bones healthy is through proper diet. Here are 5 great foods to stock up on to keep that skeleton strong!

Milk has two of the most important ingredients for strong bones: calcium and vitamin D. And these two ingredients work together. Calcium can’t be absorbed without help from vitamin D. So go ahead and drink that milk that is left in your cereal bowl; it’s good for you!

Kale is a superfood! And stop wrinkling your nose; it’s not that bad! This dark green  veggie is full of vitamins C and K. Steam it or turn it into tasty kale chips. However you eat it, just make sure you do! Note: Kale contains naturally occurring substances that interfere with calcium’s absorption called oxalates. So try to avoid eating dairy at the same time as kale to prevent any absorption issues!

Green Tea is amazing! It contains the flavonoid epigallo-3-catechin gallate (EGCG). This flavonoid is known for having the ability to slightly rev your metabolism, as well as help mineralize your bones. And, EGCG is a potent antioxidant that will help to protect the bones from free radical damage. I told you this stuff was amazing…drink up!

Herring is rich in both calcium (thanks to the fish’s edible bones) and vitamin D. Three ounces of raw herring contains 74 mg of calcium and 1,628 IUs of vitamin D…go buy some herring now!

Flax Seed Oil  has numerous benefits! According to a report in the International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health, flaxseed oil benefits bone mineral density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women, as well as in women with diabetes. Boom! Now that’s a superfood!

O.K. who’s ready to go grocery shopping and stock up on these? I’ll see you in Publix. 😉

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