Top 10 Little Known Steeler Facts

10 Little Known Steelers Facts: Part 1

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Podiatrist Sarasota and Bradenton

Top 10 Little Known Steeler Facts

Heinz Field: Home of the Steelers!

Football season is in full swing! In honor of this, let’s spend some time talking trivia about the best team in the NFL: The Pittsburgh Steelers!

 10 Little Known Facts about the Pittsburgh Steelers:

  1. While the Steelers do have more Super Bowl victories than any other franchise, they were not always a winning team.  The Steelers were founded in 1933, but it wasn’t until thirty-nine long years later that they finally won their first playoff game!
  2. The Steelers are one of only six NFL teams that do not have a cheerleading squad.  In 1961 the team debuted their first cheerleaders, the Steelerettes! They only lasted nine seasons since team President Art Rooney decided to remove them from the programs because he thought they were a distraction.  So long, girls!
  3. One very fun fact about the Steelers is their many different uniform styles. In 2007, the Steelers introduced a new throwback uniform. It is worn only twice each season, both times at home games. One of those times is reserved for when their archrival, Baltimore Ravens, comes to town each year.
  4. The Steelers also have very unique helmets. The Steelers’ helmets are the only franchise in the league to feature the team’s logo on only one side of the helmet! Their current logo was originally used as an advertisement for the American Iron and Steel Institute in 1962. Who knew Steeler’s trivia was so fascinating?
  5. When speaking about Pittsburgh, one thinks “Pirates” because of the city’s baseball team, but the Pirates were a favorite name for two other franchises as well. Pittsburgh also had an NHL franchise from 1925-30 with the same moniker. When Art Rooney founded the football team in 1933, their first few games were played at the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Forbes Field, with the name Pirates! The custom in that era was to name your team after the landlords. Wow—three Pirate teams…aaarh!  The football team would remain named the Pirates until 1940 when Rooney changed the named to Steelers to honor the city’s heritage.

I know you’re on the edge of your seat to learn the other 5 facts, so stay tuned for next week’s blog to learn more “riveting” facts about the one and only Pittsburgh Steelers!